Grateful for this life energy [Letter #1]

Arpit Agarwal
3 min readJun 23, 2019


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This is the first of my letters to the unknown, as I start my daily journey to be thankful for the beautiful life I have been given. I will write in detail about one thing I am grateful for every single morning after I wake up. This is my conscious effort to break the limiting pattern of thinking through language our minds get caught up with while growing up — and I aim to break the stressful programming of our overly competitive modern world.
I aim to write as soon as I open my eyes each morning and put in all my effort to express my gratitude to the utmost depth about the first live giving thing I think about as I wake up each day.

We experience our realities on dualities our minds create — if there is this ME as the object in the equation, there should be this OTHER — the subject. As much as I know about our current human era, we call this greatest one, the one who is the other than us — as the “Universe”. This comes with all the fancy imagery of stars and the space and all that mystery. I consciously chose the word unknown as it comes with zero baggage of any images or beliefs. I am thankful for this unknown, this mystical undiscovered thread of this entire existence that humans crave to meet one day. The unknown laws by which our lives are governed.

I woke up today with the first thoughts of having the feeling of being inside this body, the first spark of energy and the feeling of being able to feel the world through this body, the one to be the experiencer of all these senses. The light of observing the feeling of having a universe around me, the feeling of being aware of my senses. I am grateful for this energy, the one that enables me to think, feel, and do. The energy I feel running deep within me. I am thankful for being granted this unbound energy that helps me experience this whole experience we call life.

I woke up today with the realisation of this true raw power I see within all of us, the power that lets us be. I thank all the forces of life that made me open my eyes today full of all this magic that we call the world around us.
I am thankful for the phenomenon that people called evolution, for this human form I have been given — helps me move my thumbs on a glass screen, typing all there characters that I am sharing with you right now.
This power in me helps me move, helps me think, helps me run, helps me speak, listen, laugh, cry, and all the daily huge drama of life stories I am capable of experiencing every single moment, every single day. I thank this energy and I am grateful it is present in me today. Thankful for the creator to grant me this moment of being able to experience this wonderful creation.

Being grateful to the energy I will soon use to swim, grateful to be conscious enough to direct this vitality to run the day. I am grateful for the atoms aligning in this entire existence, with such intricacy that helps me construct what I feel like me, us, you, and them.

Thank you this heat for exercising all these forms I feel outside my eyes. I am grateful to see you do this movement every waking moment.

As I stop to type now, I can ask you nothing in return. For there is nothing to offer you. You are everything. Each moment has been offered to me to witness you dance around. I am thankful for being a witness to this entire existence — for this infinity of the moments of my waking time.

I am grateful to see you run my day. Thankful for you doing all this complex dance for me, every single day, every single moment. Thank you for being reliable for all these moments, thankful to you for the power I feel running deep within me, without you there is nothing.

Grateful for your existence to offer this whole infinite experience of experiencing,

I thank you mysterious energy, for these eyes open again today to see the world.