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TheTranscend.co exists to help you realize your true infinite limitlessness.

The mind loves to be in command playing the games of thinking, the ego keeps creating limiting beliefs — constantly defining us with big and small and black and white and right and wrong and old and young and rich and poor and less and more and high and low and us and the world. Keeping our infinity trapped in this maze of endless opposites and forms. I write to help you transcend this duality and become free from all illusions. As your consciousness shifts to a higher realm…

Because no piece of software is more important than your own mind.

Hello fellow human!

What a phenomenal age to live in, the year 2019 — a time when BILLIONS of us are constantly getting more connected. Every. single. moment.

This year is a huge one for me, a lot transformed after constantly traveling to and living in 40+ cities in the US, Europe, and SE Asia. I am grateful to be born in this age where living and working from anywhere is possible, while witnessing our incredible planet. Funnily though, the most common thing I saw in our world is people having a bent neck, constantly looking at our complex universe…

It’s the year 2019 on earth and I am 28 years old now. People of my age are classified as millennials. We are witnessing evolving times our internet era has brought forth— this always-on, interconnected earth, and I am grateful to be in this age. It brings unlimited ups and downs to our daily living — comparisons, distractions, career, friends, family, chats, achievements, stresses, sharing, impatience, social media, everything on demand, and hyper connectivity.

Trying to deal with all these parameters, my mind has managed to operate at it’s full potential and I write to share that.

Early on

I experienced multiple…

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This is the first of my letters to the unknown, as I start my daily journey to be thankful for the beautiful life I have been given. I will write in detail about one thing I am grateful for every single morning after I wake up. This is my conscious effort to break the limiting pattern of thinking through language our minds get caught up with while growing up — and I aim to break the stressful programming of our overly competitive modern world. …

The song of that tiny red dot

I am the red notification dot on your iPhone,

I make sure you keep seeing me.

I’ll create new tasks for you to finish,

Come on, just tap on me.

Solve this.

Remember to share this with your developer friends, maybe they thank will you one day.

Animated this based on how a startup journey feels like.

Edit : Changed the startup’s name to “ShopConnect” and removing graphics containing the original name for the sake of privacy.

It all started in 2016, when we were taking a walk around the local stores in Connaught Place (New Delhi) during the time of the rapidly changing mobile internet scene in India. I was meeting my college friend after long who had some thoughts about starting a new business. Over some discussions, we conceptualised the idea and started designing a business case around it. We named it ShopConnect.

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet

Experience from my first job when I went to Guadalajara, Mexico.

In mid 2013, I started my first job as a game programmer at Gameloft Studios in Guadalajara, Mexico. I was part of a team of six that shipped the Android version for Disney Pixar’s title, Cars© Fast as Lightning. Cars currently has 50–100 Million installs on the Android play store. The game got million downloads in the first 3 weeks! Though it was a larger than life experience to write about and share, I am just going over some quick learnings in this article.

Here are the 8 things I learned

#1 — Deliver high quality work. Always.

Gameloft partnered with Disney to build and launch their mobile game. The game had to…

Illustrated this as a mashup of Zomato products. March ‘18

Zomato is the largest food discovery service and one of the top startups in India.

I had my homecoming to India on a midnight of January 2015, after a month of backpacking in Mexico, and freezing on the streets of New York. Ever since that night I landed, I’ve been hustling to build one of the best dining experiences you can get in the world at Zomato.

At Zomato, I primarily code the iOS app but I work in different teams on whatever helps to build the best products for us. I do ideation, conceptualisation, prototyping, and development.

Links to the consumer apps I have built and shipped at Zomato —

In February 2018, we…

Arpit Agarwal

I love to create · www.arpit.work

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