Building the future of housing — iOS app

Fun to design the login screen GIF for the app

Around 2 years ago, I was the first engineer to join We are building a global housing network for remote workers/digital nomads. I launched and work on the iOS app for the company. I also lived as a digital nomad in 2019, when I traveled alone living in 40+ places in United States, Europe, and India. It has been a life changing experience.

Here’s a link to the Anyplace app I have been building. Try it now if you have an iPhone! —

I learn a lot from understanding problems, conceptualisation, design, prototyping, coding the app, polishing, and finally shipping new features. It’s been great fun to be solely responsible for the iOS experience. And yes, remote work and the travel is a whole another dimension. There’s a lot to write about this journey — will come back to write more about this experience soon, for now I’ll leave this here with this animation I designed a while ago -

Thank you for reading.

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