Illustrated this as a mashup of Zomato products. March ‘18

Building Zomato iOS Apps

Zomato is the largest food discovery service and one of the top startups in India.

Starting with programming motion in the UI

In the last 3 years, I have seen a hyper growth in the organisation, and in people I have worked with (including me). And it’s come with enduring chaotic and tough times over these years at this startup in heart of India. I’d like to get a little bit into my journey so far.

Zomato app through the ages

Over these years, we have modularized our app into kits, introduced automations and CI into our processes, have measured development velocity on Jira, overhauled and reinvented the app experience, have become more data-driven, and a lot more. We have also built several internal apps to support our organization’s massive growth. The modularised app architecture takes care of the scale, and keeps the Zomato brand UX in sync within all our apps.

Read more about iOS app modularisation in my other post —

Don’t forget to see this as soon as you open the Zomato app. (Made in February ‘18)



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